29th Street Umc

Denomination: United Methodist
Phone: 717-564-5821
Address: 29TH & DERRY HARRISBURG, PA 17111 US

Abundant Life Community Church

Denomination: Community
Phone: 717-232-8571
Address: 2401 NORTH 4TH STREET Harrisburg, PA 17110-1906 US
Email: abundantlifecommunitychurch@hotmail.com

Bethany Ame Church

Denomination: African Methodist Episcopal
Phone: 717-234-1813
Address: 912 SOUTH 21ST STREET Harrisburg, PA 17104 US
Email: pastor@bethanyame.org

Bethany Church Of The Nazarene

Denomination: Church of the Nazarene
Phone: 717-545-1633
Address: 1605 Parkway West Harrisburg, PA 17112 US
Email: office@bethanynazarene.org
Website: http://www.bethanynazarene.org

Bethel Wesleyan Church

Denomination: Wesleyan
Phone: 717-233-4739
Address: 4102 NORTH 6TH STREET Harrisburg, PA 17110 US

Bible Way Church

Denomination: Bible
Phone: 717-232-7838
Address: 1828 WALNUT STREET Harrisburg, PA 17103 US

Brookfield Bible Church

Denomination: Bible
Phone: 717-545-8919
Address: 3601 BROOKFIELD STREET Harrisburg, PA 17109 US

Calvary Independent Church

Denomination: Independent Bible
Phone: 717-652-2715
Address: 3201 NORTH PROGRESS AVENUE Harrisburg, PA 17110 US
Website: http://www.calvaryindependentchurch.net/

Calvary United Methodist Church - Harrisburg

Denomination: United Methodist
Phone: 717-545-0021
Address: 4700 Locust Lane Harrisburg, PA 17109 US
Email: office@calvaryunitedmethodist.org
Website: http://calvaryunitedmethodist.org/

Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell United Methodist Church

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 717-233-0335
Address: 2221 N Sixth St HARRISBURG, PA 17110 US

Camp Hill Chapel Hill

Denomination: United Church of Christ
Phone: 717-763-7436
Address: 701 Poplar Church Rd HARRISBURG, PA 17177 US
Email: chucc@chapelhillucc.org
Website: http://www.chapelhillucc.org

Capital Baptist Church

Denomination: Baptist
Phone: 717-545-1132
Address: 100 NORTH HERSHEY ROAD Harrisburg, PA 17112 US
Website: http://www.capitalbible.com/contactus.php

Capital City Church Assemblies

Denomination: Assemblies of God
Phone: 717-232-3409
Address: 1710 CHESTNUT STREET Harrisburg, PA 17104 US

Capital Presbyterian Church

Denomination: Presbyterian
Phone: 717-236-2332
Address: 1401 CUMBERLAND STREET Harrisburg, PA 17103 US

Cathedral Parish Of Saint Patrick

Denomination: Catholic
Phone: 717-232-2169
Address: 212 State Street HARRISBURG, PA 17101 US
Website: http://www.stpatrickcathedral.com/

Centenary United Methodist Church

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 717-939-7700
Address: 1010 Orchard Dr HARRISBURG, PA 17113 US
Email: 4-uoffice@comcast.com

Chambers Hill United Methodist Church

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 717-561-0388
Address: 6300 Chambers Hill Rd HARRISBURG, PA 17111 US
Email: chumsforjesus@verizon.net

Charlton United Methodist Church

Denomination: United Methodist
Phone: 717-545-2000
Address: 5920 Jonestown Road Harrisburg, PA 17112 US

Christ Assembly Fellowship

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Phone: 717-652-9412
Address: 3304 RIDGEWAY ROAD Harrisburg, PA 17109 US
Email: timdurden@comcast.net

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

Denomination: Lutheran
Phone: 717-545-4211
Address: 1214 Crosby Street Harrisburg, PA 17112 US

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each and every true believer the opportunity to find the closest church. Our church directory consists of catholic, protestant, community, non denominational, denominational, baptist, evangelical, black and african american churches all over the United States and worldwide.