Churches in District of Columbia, United States

Below is a list of churches in District of Columbia, United States. For more detailed result, please select the area that you're currently in or want to find churches for.

1ame Church Second Episcopal

Denomination: Episcopal
Phone: 202-842-3788
Address: 1134 11TH ST NW Washington, DC 20001 US

3 Strands Community Church

Denomination: Seventh Day Adventist
Phone: 703-244-2039
Address: 1920 G STREET NORTHWEST Washington, DC 20006 US

A P Shaw Methodist Church

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 202-889-3660
Address: 2525 12TH PL SE Washington, DC US

Abba's House Church Of God Of Prophecy

Denomination: Church of God of Prophecy
Phone: 202-722-4300
Address: 1371 SPING ROAD NORTHWEST Washington, DC 20010 US

Abundant Life Church Of God In Christ

Denomination: Church of God in Christ
Phone: 202-291-5433
Address: 2373 RHODE ISLAND AVENUE NORTHEAST Washington, DC 20018 US

Albright United Methodist Church

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 202-723-3525
Address: 411 Rittenhouse St Nw WASHINGTON, DC 20011 US

All Nations Baptist Church

Denomination: Baptist
Phone: 202-832-9591
Address: 2001 NORTH CAPITOL ST Washington, DC 20002 US

All Souls' Church

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Phone: 202-332-5266
Address: 2835 16TH STREET NW Washington, DC 20009 US

All Souls Memorial Episcopal Church

Denomination: Episcopal
Phone: 202-232-4244
Address: 2300 Cathedral Ave NW WASHINGTON, DC 20008 US

Allen Chapel AME Church

Denomination: African Methodist Episcopal
Pastor: Dr. Michael E. Bell, Sr.
Phone: 202-889-7296
Address: 2498 Alabama Avenue, S.E. Washington DC 20020

Alpha & Omega Community Church

Denomination: Christian
Phone: 202-930-0141
Address: 3035 M Street SE Washington, DC 20019 US

Ambassador Baptist Church

Denomination: Baptist
Phone: 202-678-1993
Address: 1412 MINNESOTA AVE SE Washington, DC 20020 US

Ambassador Baptist Church Annx

Denomination: Baptist
Phone: 202-678-0379
Address: 1412 MINNESOTA AVE SE Washington, DC 20020 US

American University

Denomination: Methodist
Phone: 202-885-1000
Address: 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW WASHINGTON, DC 20016 US

Anacostia Bible Church

Denomination: Bible
Phone: 202-678-6555
Address: 1610 T ST SE Washington, DC 20020 US

Anacostia Full Gospel Church

Denomination: Full Gospel
Phone: 202-889-4779
Address: 1320 U ST SE Washington, DC 20020 US

Annunciation Church

Denomination: Catholic
Phone: 202-362-3323
Address: 3125 39TH ST NW Washington, DC 20016 US

Antioch Baptist Church

Denomination: Baptist
Pastor: Dr. William H. Gibbs
Phone: 202-399-8118
Address: 1105 50TH ST NE Washington, DC 20019 US

Apostolic Evangelical Church

Denomination: Apostolic
Phone: 202-388-4914
Address: 354 EASTERN AVE NE Washington, DC 20019 US

Apostolic Faith Church

Denomination: Apostolic
Phone: 202-546-7729
Address: 513 M ST NE Washington, DC 20002 US

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